Associate member Dr. Tobias Beck was inducted to the „Junges Kolleg“ of the North-Rhine Westphalian Academy of the Sciences, Humanities, and the Arts.

An Article of the Final Aachen-Osaka Joint Symposium was Published in „Nachrichten aus der Chemie 02/2019″

Professor Kazushi Mashima, Department of Engineering Science at Osaka University and coordinator of the Japan German Graduate Externship Program, has received an Alexander von Humboldt Senior Award.


With the submission of the final report in September 2019 and approval by the DFG Senate Committee for Research Training Groups in July 2020, the SeleCa program reached its end after more than ten years of hard work, intense exchange and fruitful research. We thank all participants in this program for their interest and activity. In particular, we wish the doctoral students both in Aachen and Osaka all the best for their future career. We do hope that the cross national exchange was meaningful and enriched the educational content during the doctoral course.

Jun Okuda
July 2020

Prof. Kazushi Mashima has received the Japan Chemical Society Award 2018 for “Pioneering novel reactions catalyzed by complexes based on precise analysis of reaction mechanism“

A Press Release of the Joint Symposium Aachen-Osaka was Published online

Prof. Chatani won the 2018 Arthur C. Cope Scholar Award of the American Chemical Societey (ACS).

Daniel Sauer has received a Poster Prize for his Poster „Beta-Barrel Protein as Scaffold for Biohybdrid Catalysis“ during the conference „ISABC14 7-10 june, 2017 in Toulouse, France“.